New York 2

Pig Delivery, Chinatown
Defunct Novelty Shop, Times Square
Red Jacket Man, Coney Island
Mermaid Parade, Coney Island
42nd St. in Transition
Virtual Reality
Halloween at Don Hill's
Doyers St., Chinatown
Halloween Girls, Meat-packing District
Transvestite Prostitutes, Chelsea
Pregnant Woman with Duck, Lower East Side
Gray's Papaya, Hell's Kitchen
Neon Reflections
The Subway Inn
A French Male Model
Lovers at Coney
Mermaid Parade 2, Coney Island
Two Buddies at Ruby's, Coney Island
Barbershop, Tremont Ave., the Bronx
Falun Gong
Birdman of Washington Square Park
Hands, Times Square
Jim Carroll, Brooklyn, 2002
The High Line, 1991